Roofing, Water Roofing, Sanitary and Plumbing work & Painting Works

  1. Re-Roofing work, Roof Coating
  2. Roof Leakage Repair (Metal/Tiles Roofs)
  3. Waterproofing of R.C. Roof
  4. Painting Works (External & Internal Painting works)
  5. Concrete Ceiling & Ceiling Broad repair works
  6. Rain Water Down Pipe repair works
  7. Gutter, Awning, Polycarbonate Roofing
  8. House Maintenance & Plaster Ceiling, Timber Roof Shingles installation
  9. Spandek, Klilok, Trimdek Roofing, Skylight installation works


  1. Free Inspection
  2. High Quality of Service
  3. Fast & Effective installation
  4. Cost Effective